Jon, Anna, Bolt and Pieter began to look around to see Spacetrols. There was nothing visible for quite some time. But then a faint, ash-colored smoke engulfed each of the four.

It didn’t happen to Prof. Dale. His smile was the last thing they all could see, before becoming unconscious.

When they became conscious, they were in an entirely different place. All were lying on the floor. Prof. Dale was talking something with a thing which looked like a football.

Prof. Dale was a tall man and so the football-like-looking thing was on a table. They noticed that the four had woke up.

Prof. Dale introduced the thing to the four. He’s Roli, the Chief Guardian at the Dallion Universal Bank.

“Hello guys!”, he greeted, as he rotated towards the four. He was wearing spectacles so precariously that the four wondered why it didn’t fell.

He was spherical in shape, looked shiny and was happy-go-guy. He moved around like a football, but his face, a puny one, remained at the same place.

“I’m Roli and I’m the Chief Guardian here. We don’t lend money per se but since Prof. Dale and I are best mates and since he made a special request, I will provide you these.”, he said as he handed each, a card which had an image of Roli and had this description

I, Roli, the Chief Guardian of D.U.B hereby acknowledge that this student’s cost of living and studying, which includes any purchase of materials needed for Academics, at Arielle School of D.A.M.E shall be be borne by me.

“So, now we have to leave. Remember, you still need to buy things.” said Prof. Dale as the four thanked Roli and off they flew.