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Okay! Let’s not exaggerate things.. Bolt and Pieter were comfortable with girls. It was only Jon who was uncomfortable. But then why are friends for? They perfectly knew that Jon wasn’t easy going with girls and hence they acted as if they were the lords of shyness! when actually they were good(or best?) flirts one could find around.

Poor Jon, not knowing the mischief of his friends was forced into inviting Anna to join their group. He somehow stammered in a fast manner and asked her, “Can you join us? for forr… for the Science Expo?”.

Anna replied smilingly, “I’ll be glad to! By the way, why you are sounding nervous and you also seem to be sweating?”. For Jon who thought it was easy after all, didn’t wanted her to know that he was uncomfortable with girls, in general and so he lied, “Oh that! I just ran for 2 miles as is my routine everyday and that’s the reason why I’m sweating”. Anna found it fishy but let it go.

Jon with a sense of pride went to his friends and said that she had accepted and was now in their team.. Bolt with a glass of juice in his hand, sarcastically asked, “so 2 miles running is your routine, huh?”. Apparently they’d been conning him and all laughed their heart out and Jon had an egg on his face…

But as they say all’s well that ends well and so was it.