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Nothing unusual was going on, except, of course that experiment which went awry…but not for long. Jon’s quantum computer received a series of highly encrypted response and this caused amazement for all.

But decoding the message wasn’t a big issue as they had Jon. Jon sat in his chair and opened his TransUniversalDecoder, which he had developed last year out of interest. It initially encountered some glitches but eventually was able to decode the pattern… Obviously it was purposely encoded in a easier way… for us humans to decode.

Bad morning, Earth
Whoever did that nasty experiment is gonna pay for it
We the, Universal Police regret to inform whoever reading this that Earth’s time has come.
I repeat, Earth’s time has come…

Jon said, “WTF is all this about?” and clarified that someone was phishing with his computer and there’s nothing to worry about… His friends very well knew something was fishy and that to pamper with Jon’s computer wasn’t easy at all and the message had a purpose or a meaning in it… but Jon, knowing exactly what was going on, turned the topic and this matter was literally forgotten by others but not by Jon…