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“I’m Haldus, the Official Respondent of Universal Headquarters for Alien Communication. Your IP address was contacted last nights ago according to our database and our systems have identified you as a Homo sapien, not fully grown, from Earth.”

“Well, really? You can just address me ‘Jon’.”, said Jon.
“Ain’t got time for that. Come to the point. Have to attend to others.”
“Er, someone said Earth’s time has come. It isn’t true right?”

Not knowing what “Jon”  was talking about, he just thought of having fun by scaring the hell out of him by approving – “Ah! Yes. You’ve my wishes….my boy. It’s really sad to know… “, said Haldus in a sarcastic tone. Then another voice sounding as furious as furious could be, came from nowhere.

“Well, yes Professor Senigus…” , said Haldus shivering.
“Shut up for now! You’ve put us in trouble? Why the hell did you make a call to Earth last night? We aren’t supposed to let our identity known… and that too when nosy humans are in question. You might have put your job in risk!!”
“I was..wass not there.. that night, had dozed off after having some booze offered by a stranger who was under a hood.”, said Haldus in an apparent shaky voice.

Jon was hearing all this, though the voices weren’t that clear and his things were storming in his mind and he had come up with at least a minimum of 20 questions to ask, but decided against it. They were talking as if Jon had not been in the scene itself.

“Ahem!”, tried to interrupt but it hadn’t been heard by them. They continued their talk. Professor Senigus said, “What!! Dozed off? Are you sure your brain’s in the right place? If it wasn’t you who contacted Earth, then who would it have been? You’ve..”
“Well, erm!”, interfered Jon, finally.

Professor Senigus hadn’t noticed Jon’s presence at all and quickly said, “You! You’ve heard all our talks, right? We aren’t leaving you humans to take off our secret… You hold on… until we appear in front of you…” and there he was. “You’ll be taken to our Head Quarters at Andromedian Galaxy.. Our Headmaster will decide what will be done with you, for now you know about us…”