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At that time suddenly the door of Jon’s room sprang open. Apparently they were Bolt and Pieter who had used hairpins to open the door out. Then Anna came front holding something which resembled a chip. She started talking to Jon who was in a shock,

“Well, I knew something was wrong from the beginning. I also knew you wouldn’t disclose anything if we were to ask you. So I had inserted a wireless camcorder below your PC” Jon then saw under his PC and there was this thing which Anna was talking about and Anna continued, ” which does two things – First it records everything you did and transmits the same to this chip and it isn’t done in real time as you know I’ve other works to attend to.Instead it just saves for me to view when I’m free. Now, I know all things that you did in this little crappy room and I’ve already made every possible attempts to make this viral by posting it on Vidia.”

The Space creatures which also included a robot with them had no clue about what on the universe was Vidia. That was when Anna clarified, “Ah!, you guys don’t know what Vidia is. But let me tell you that it’s the most popular video sharing service, at least on Earth and I’ll post the video which has everything recorded, unless you take us three too with you! And I’m not a dumbo to have just a single copy, mind you if you dare try to delete it!”

Jon exclaimed, “Phew!” Well, he had every reason for such an expression. Anna had never been this bossy. The “spacemen” as Bolt called them, had no choice but to take them along…

The Robot by the name of Damkerng was sorta cute. He handed them each something which looked like a breather.

“You’ll need this – OxyTron. It will make sure you’ll have infinite supply of Oxygen till we reach our base” said he in a cute voice and with a smile. Anna immediately loved this thing. He was adorable. “I sense that all you guys feel I’m adorable and Jon, I sense you’ve your mind brimming with questions, but I bet, I’ll answer most of them :)” said he, looking blushed and eyeing for Anna’s compliment. It did come along for she said, “You’re cute!!”… Meanwhile Professor Senigus was not present among them. In fact he had never come out of his spaceship. Only Damkerng along with two creatures which resembled Pugs, supposedly guarding Damkerng had come out…. Jon thought if they were dogs or something like that…of Space.