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All four entered a massive space ship, at least it was looking like one. Professor Senigus came out and greeted them as though being forced by someone to do so. He looked at Anna and said, “You think too much of yourself, don’t you?”, he said with an evil grin. Anna sternly replied, “I suppose so”. No one liked him though this was their first meeting ever..

Suddenly, something unusual was going on with Professor Senigus. He made a hissing sound too often and it was evident why. His neck slowly turned to a reptilian one – to be specific, a neck of a black mamba. He was quite uncomfortable, he was yelling at the top of his voice looking up, holding his neck.. Just then Damkerng came, “Prof, you don’t seem to have taken your ReHumanizer injection…Today is full moon and you should have remembered.” and he stabbed the injection right into his neck and suddenly Professor Senigus became unconscious and was taken to a room on a stretcher by Damkerng, helped by Jon and Pieter.

All four had no idea what had been going on..just when Damkerng came and said, “Ah! Don’t be worried or terrified. He won’t do that for at least another year. Well, what makes him that is really a secret. I don’t even myself know, even though I’m one of the most trusted robots in our place..”

Anna asked, “Where are we going? and what’s this, we are travelling in?” Damkerng said, “We are in Lambda Leonis – the dumbest airship ever produced that travels half times the speed of light. And we are heading towards Zedaron, one of the most secure places in the whole universe!”

“What?? You say this machine “the dumbest” and yet it travels at half the speed of light. Doesn’t that mean that the…”, started Bolt and Damkerng ended it off, “Yes, my boy. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was proved wrong decades ago.. We CAN travel more than the speed of light.”

“Now get to your seats and strap down your seat belts as I’m not the best of landers and there might be some, err, okay! a lot of jerks while I land this ship.Hold on! Zedaron!! Here we come!” and there was an increase in acceleration and thud – the ship had landed!

“Welcome to Zedaron!”, said a computerized voice as they landed facing a magnificent landscape.