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Damkerng said, “You don’t know how much the universe has developed! It is just brimming with technology” as he guided them to a vast fortress, which looked sort of haunted, as if it had been built centuries ago and no one had cared to maintain it. It had a creepy look. The walls appeared to have cracks on them, a hell a lot of them but still it managed to hold on. Jon asked Damkerng, “So erm, is this your idea of a developed universe? Earth’s a lot better than this if you ask me.” Damkerng just giggled saying, “This fortress conceals too much of beauty. Don’t come to a conclusion till we are inside it. And what you’re now listening to, might also not be what you’re thinking it is!”.

Jon didn’t get that one. Neither did the remaining three. Damkerng then began to dismantle himself. First the arm flaps came out followed by legs. The abdomen region sprang open and there was a cube. A dazzling one, lined with diamonds. It was glowing gold and rotating slowly in the mid-air. As the four looked on, the last voice from Damkerng came, “Do you mind clicking that button you find on that cube, would ya?”Jon took the cube in his and and noticed the button what Damkerng was talking about and the cube slowly transformed into a golden key and a strange man with a french beard and white hairs came into vision.

“I’m Professor Alcor Dale, and the founder of Arielle School of Defense Against Monstrous Evils, but it’s mostly called Arielle School of D.A.M.E.”
Bolt whispered to himself, “Why would a head of a school come to receive us?” and perhaps, Professor Dale overheard it.

“Now let me show you something”, he said taking up a roll of parchment and handed it to them. It read:

Universal Protocol of Handling Trespassers
(Department of Secrecy From Lower Level Species)

Species of lower level planets must not be knowing about technologies which belong to a level higher than them. There is least possibility of this happening though, yet, if someone has the intelligence of knowing about higher level technologies, either they must be atomized to prevent them from going back to their planet and spread what they know or they must be made a citizen of the planet which owns the technology. The accused may or may not be asked for a choice. Whatsoever, the secrecy must be maintained.  Whatever decision might be taken, it must be authorized only by the Highest authority of that planet.

Pieter immediately asked coldly – “Atomize? You aren’t gonna atomize us, are you?” to which Prof. Dale said in a calm tone, “Well, I certainly don’t want to, but that would mean the obvious.”

“The planet on which you’re standing is empty except the existence of my school and therefore, I stand as the highest authority of this planet. I hope your doubts are clarified”, he said grinning at Bolt.

Then he opened the door of the fortress, which was camouflaged with the golden key and there it was – a glittering place full of tech, aliens levitating around…

“See, I said what appears outside doesn’t necessarily be the same inside”, said Prof. Dale flashing a smile.

Anna then asked, “But what about our parents, and what about the message that came from here about Earth’s end and all that?” for which Prof. Dale gave a calm smile.

Jon, Bolt and Pieter hadn’t thought about this for they wondered how wonderful, life would be here!