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“That’s a good question, Anna!”, Prof. Dale said. “This question never came to my mind! It would be pity if they can’t find you anywhere on the planet. So, I’ve decided that I’ll come along with you to your respective homes, so, you can tell your parents or guardians just as little that will make them convinced that you’ll not return to them for at least a year. Mind that you don’t let anything about us out, or nothing but atomizing you will help. Okay, each gets 5 minutes to sort out things with your parents and don’t try to be smart.”

Anna was much excited hearing that, than the rest. “So, after a year goes, I can stay with my mum and dad thereafter?”, she asked curiously. The reply was a dreading one from Prof. Dale – “Well, you can never fully return to your planet… you’ll have to be with us, of course, I will make sure you get leave so that you could stay with your family for a while for which it would require some write-ups to the Department of Secrecy From the Lower Level Species, but I’ll manage that.”

“Okay there isn’t much time for us to idle away… You must be lucky that you are here at this time of the year –  Maia of 2202, for, the admission to this school starts the next month.” Pieter and Bolt asked with a bit of uneasiness, “Well, wait ma-what? and did you say 2202?” Anna was quick to reply, “It’s obviously May, if I ain’t wrong. May is originated from Maia, who is a Greek goddess, I suppose so.” And Prof. Dale added on, “Exactly Anna. We have a great affinity towards ancient Greek and Roman history. By the way, yes, we are in 2202…you don’t notice the time when you’re travelling in space, do you?”, he said. All four shouted, “We’ve missed two birthdays!” “Wait…” said Jon, “I’ve only missed a birthday for my birthday falls on August 23! and this means we have already been more than a year away from our family!!”.

“Yeah that’s right, so first Bolt, then Pieter followed by Anna and then Jon. Using spaceship is in no way fast. So we will be blackporting to earth. Before someone asks what blackporting means, it is a way of teleportation using black holes, you might feel dizzy but you’ll be alright. Stephen Hawkings’ research did help us in a small way building this, that brilliant old chap!! Anyway it’s relatively new and is just a prototype. Hope it works.”

“Hope it works? You do have a back-up plan right?” asked Bolt. “Well, I suppose, yes!”, replied Professor Dale with sarcasm writ large on his face.