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Bolt and Pieter were siblings, yet Jon and Anna, their best friends came to know about this only when they said so to Prof. Dale that they will be coming together with him. When Jon asked why they hadn’t told them earlier, they said, “Well, didn’t feel the need to tell that.”. Jon and Anna were both apparently furious about it. Prof. Dale facing the brothers said, “Maintaining secrets you two, huh?”

Prof. Dale then took out a long rod of a metal, probably it was made up of carbon fiber and placed it on the ground. A translucent screen emerged out of it and in a jiffy, turned into a sort of hole in black color. Prof. Dale had placed it pretty far away from the place where they stood but the suction effect which it produced was felt by them.

“Bolt and Pieter, ready?” he said, “Hold my hands and we will walk through it, don’t leave my hands or you’ll land in some inaccessible place. And you can take my help when you give lame excuses to your parents.It would be interesting to see what you’ll cook up :)” Bolt’s stomach gave a grumbling sound. Soon the Professor got dressed up in formals and his beard got trimmed. It was Damkerng who did that for the Professor. “We thought you..” started Jon but was interrupted by Prof. Dale.

“So how am I looking? Pretty nice, I’m sure you would say.” Then Bolt, Pieter and Professor went through the door like structure and literally they were pulled away when they were around a meter from it, their legs no longer on the land.

Bang! and they landed in front of a sign that read – “Wellington House” Bolt said, “That’s our house. So this thing does work!” When they knocked the door, their parents, Mr.Wellington and Mrs.Wellington stomping heavily and seeing their sons they hugged him with such force that it won’t be wrong to say their rib cage had nearly ruptured.

Mr. John Wellington and  Mrs. Emma Wellington were huge with little neck. Every time Bolt saw his father, he remembered his nursery rhyme “Chubby Cheeks, Dimple Chins…” Now an array of questions were directed towards Bolt and no one cared to notice a stranger with them.

Pieter then strongly said, “Look mom and dad! We’ve both got this deadly disease called Cephalalgia, this gentleman you see beside us is the one who took us for the treatment and it is the last stage of treatment and we won’t be back for a year, till we’re cured and if you argue or say no, our brains will blast up due to the tensions mounting in it. We feel we’re dying moment by moment, bye dad bye mom, will be back if we’re cured otherwise just give our share of property to our dog – Fluffy”, as they said this, Bolt acted as if he fainted. And Pieter too followed the suit but was confused as it wasn’t in their plan.

Before Professor could say anything, Mr.Wellington asked, “You don’t seem to be a doctor, do ya?” for which the reply was, “Well, I might not seem a doctor for you because I don’t have the usual things that a doctor has, but we want our patients to feel that they’re normal and so we get dressed up normally. Bye then. Take care, Mr.Wellington. Their symptoms are growing worse. We need to go now!” he said

And as soon as they reached the end of their street, they again blackported to Zedaron. Anna and Jon were still fuming. It was their turn now, though.