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Prof. Dale was interested in knowing what was “Cephalalgia”, for he knew nothing about it. When he asked Bolt, what it was, he said, “Ah! That one! my parents are pretty dumbo. we just said we had a headache! 🙂 and they thought that was something dreadful.”

Anna and Jon laughed at Wellingtons antics, but they thought Prof. Dale was even dumber than Mr. and Mrs. Wellington, as he said, he didn’t know what an headache was. “Probably, they don’t get those”, thought Anna.

Anna then began to walk along with Prof. Dale and was soon pulled and in no time they landed in Hyde Street, where Anna resided. Anna’s house was a big one, named after her father’s name – Jacob’s Mansion. Anna lived with her grandmother, for she had no parents. The reason of their death was not known even and remained a mystery. Anna’s father, Mr. Jacob Bill had died before Anna’s birth while Mrs. Jeremiah Bill, died soon after Anna was born.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill had been doctors, Mr. Bill was an handsome bloke, while Mrs. Bill was a beautiful redhead. Anna was blonde, beautiful and brilliant, the traits, which she obviously inherited from her parents.

She went straight up to her grandma, a wonderful women with utmost concern for Anna, for she was the one who brought her up, sitting on a wheel chair. She was Kim Bill. As she saw Anna, her wrinkled face lit up. “Oh! Where have you been? I nearly thought the worse…” and began to sob. Anna then said consoling her, “Granny sorry for not informing you. But, had to go for reasons I cannot tell you now. I must leave again for a place, I cannot tell you which and won’t return till this year ends. It’s really important for me to be there for something which shouldn’t happen is going to happen. Now won’t you bid a farewell to me?”, she asked, her hands on the laps of her granny.

Her Grandma said, “Well, go on. I’ve waited for you these many days, and I know my girl won’t be going anywhere, leaving her beloved granny without any genuine reason, will be waiting for you, dear!”

Prof. Dale’s help wasn’t needed for Anna. He had not even entered the house as Anna had said not to.

Anna’s granny came till the door, after which Anna said bye to her granny and Anna along with Prof. Dale, who it seemed was invisible to granny went away…while Anna was silently feeling sorry for her granny.