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Now, finally it was Jon’s turn. Anna was still sombre, while Wellingtons were as pleased as punch. Jon went with Prof. Dale and was eventually pulled and were blackported to Hyder Street, where Jon resided.

His house was more of a cottage, though, well furnished one. When they neared the door, it was locked from outside. The door had a sticky note which read – “You-know-where-we-are, don’t you?” It was a usual message left by Jon’s parents when they went out together.

Jon always knew his parents had some kind of power to sense things before they happened. This was to be proved yet again.

He knew where the extra key of the house was. He dug a pot which was hardly visible, from the garden in the backyard, where he found the key.

He opened the house and there, was a life-size portrait of Jon, his Father Mr. Luke Baker and mother, Mrs. Lily Baker stood with Jon in between them. Mr. Baker was a well-built man while Lily was gorgeous, even Jon accepted it sometimes. 

Jon was normal for his age, with ruffled but crisp black hairs which he didn’t care to comb. And below the portrait, another sticky note was found, which read, “You’ve our permission to go!”, seeing which Jon was awestruck, “How the hell…” thought Jon. Prof. Dale meanwhile was fiddling around the house, may be, it was of interest to him to look at things which humans on Earth used.

Jon was not prepared to leave, not without seeing his parents, but there was no other option on hand. He just said bye to the portrait, which amazingly seemed to respond.

Prof. Dale asked, “Ahem, can we leave?” “Well, sort of”, he replied in a low voice. Jon then took a pen, locked the door away and wrote ,”Miss you :(” on the same sticky note which was sticked on the door.

They, then blackported their way to Zedaron. Jon had not seen his parents and this was hurting him much… the pain doubled up at the thought of him not being able to see them till this year ended.