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All four were now on Zedaron, a blue colored planet, with lots of small craters. The four were able to breathe because they had OxyTron, which Damkerng, a robot had given them.

But they didn’t like him being dismantled. Prof. Dale sensing what they were thinking said, “Ah! Don’t worry about Damkerng. He is me. That is my pseudoform, not many, know of it! You won’t tell anyone, will you?”

All the four were liking Prof. Dale by now.  Anna then said in a serious voice – “The door!! The door, which was opened what about it Prof. Dale?”

“You’re indeed clever, more than what I thought”, he said flashing a smile so wide, that Anna could count his teeth. She nearly blushed at the compliment when Professor replied, “Do you think I could let this well- kept secret out so easily? It closes automatically when the opener of the door goes out of sight and doesn’t open till he goes and opens it again. Yet another brilliant idea of mine!”

It was brilliant indeed. They reached up the fortress again and opened it with a glittering golden key. The massive doors opened up revealing a beautiful world inside it.  A huge building with transparent glasses stood majestically before them, with “Spartons – Built to Kill” written on top of it in a classic engraved  font.

To their right, was a virtual wall, on which there was a marquee of news under the name “Space Times”. It had a weird breaking news – “Student hospitalized on seeing a DOG! Still in trauma,  Dept. Of Dark Mutants summoned”

“Dog, mutant? Really?” thought Jon and others.Prof. Dale suddenly pulled all four to a magnificent building, by far the biggest among all. Prof. Dale opened a torch like thing and flashed it on the wall of that building and there appeared a lift from nowhere. Several dwarf aliens with pointed ears which stood up stiffly, green colored, tennis ball-sized eyes, too tried to enter the lift.

The sight of those dwarfy little something, scared the shit out of the four. Prof. Dale kept shouting, “Go away! Go away! There isn’t space for you all. You can somehow survive, but these kids can’t!” as they were jamming the lift.

Jon and others could just imagine the amount of adventure they were to have in coming days midst all this confusion!