The lift had no buttons indicating which floor they had to go. It had just this big green button with “Go!” on it. Prof. Dale banged it with his fist. Suddenly the place where they were standing deepened in a circular shape. Two metal straps strapped each of their legs, keeping them firm to the ground. A turbo fan came from the top, where none existed before, blowing all those dwarfy aliens away, who were trying to enter the lift.

Then, three metal gates closed one by one. Then they were taken for a ride! The lift didn’t seem to be moving in a straight line. All 5 hanged upside down, at a point of time and everyone except Prof. Dale were shouting at the top of their voices.

So after being taken for a roller coaster ride, Pieter nearly vomited. Gates of the lift opened. And they came out only to find themselves in a cubicle, where they could hardly stand. “Code 7”, said Prof. Dale and the floor below them vanished!

It was a slide, a lengthy one.. Whatever it maybe, but all four thought it was a great way of travelling! and thud! they landed. There, they were, all shabbily dressed folk and Pieter had vomited. In front of them was a huge dining table, where some creepy creatures were dining.. There were some humans of their age among them too..! This made the foursome quite happy…

There came a tall lady, Professor Noah Trevor. Prof. Dale said that she was going to lead them to their first rites and that he would take their leave. He said, “Enjoy yourselves” giving a sarcastic smile…

“Surely, the “first rite”, he is talking about, is going to be unpleasant”, thought Pieter and perhaps the other three thought something along the same lines, going by their facial expressions.