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The people or to say, aliens, were going around taking some wriggling white worms into their plates and reacting as if it was an exotic dish, they never had tasted before. The lengthy dining table was lit with many candles and a choir of one-eyed stout aliens, orchestrated by a short one of the same kind who had worn a pointed hat, which didn’t seem quite to be in place.

Professor Trevor said that they were Musan monoculus, the species which had a great affinity towards music. “Those things you see are actually students!”, said she. She was not a normal woman, not by any means.. she had her hair neatly bound on top of her head. She had wide eyes, the glare of which was enough to silence the students. She was a towering personality for she stood at least 7 meters tall.

Those things were students, and it was evident from the badges they were wearing, everyone had one. It was a shiny metal in the shape of a harp eagle, which turned out to be sign of the school, where it was engraved – “Arielle School of D.A.M.E” and there was something below which seemed to be indicating things like “Dodger”, “Holder” and “Killer”.

Prof. Trevor took a spray from her long sleeves and sprayed it all over the four, especially on Pieter for he had dirtied himself more than the others.. and in no time their outfits were shining as if it were new. “An invention I made myself! Yet to name it, how about InstaClean? Yes! InstaClean.. that would be it!” The others nodded in response. It was indeed an amazing product. Bolt thought of stealing it when it was time for them to return to Earth!

Then she took them to the end of the dining table and the dining table extended itself to make space for and 4 chairs sprang up on either side… this feast is the first rite that Prof. Dale was talking about..

It’s called Purtuna Feast, and it’s a very important rite as it decides on how your future will be, in here.