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Pieter wasn’t feeling good for the feast.  But Bolt’s stomach was grumbling, so was Jon’s and Anna’s. Prof. Dale went to the dias, probably to make an announcement.

“Dear students, maintain silence!!”, but none, it seemed, cared about his request. “Silence!!!”, he shouted, which seemed to echo, minutes after he had actually said that. Everyone had to keep their mouths shut now.

“The Purtuna Feast is going to take place. We’ve got lots of admission this year too, well do I need to tell it?. For the first years, I would like to give some pep talk. So, the first years are called Dodgers. You’ll learn how to dodge lethal monsters this year and by lethal, I mean really lethal! Now, we have two houses – Torturin and Forgivin, each house has its own history and boasts of many legendary killers, the universe has ever seen. I’ll now introduce Purtuna, who will sort you into your houses. Here she is..”

There she was, Purtuna, a shining, sleek, with violet, glittering all over its flawless metal body, part tripod, part squid with 8 metallic tentacles, walking on three, using the rest for handling things. It had a large head, a large blue eye occupying most of it. “I’m Purtuna, the most intelligent robot ever to be produced. The process will be painless” saying so in a typical robotic voice, it took something which looked like a screw-driver. “Everyone now! Stand on this conveyor belt!” shouted a professor whose name it seemed, was Diddikins, which was apparent from the badge, that every other professor seemed to have worn.

They did accordingly. Everyone had got onto the belt, except for Bolt who seemed to have trouble even stepping onto the belt. Whenever he tried, he slipped. He tried, slipped. Tried, slipped. Tried, but slipped again and again and again!!…