Both Prof. Diddikins and Bolt shouted, “What the hell is going on?” in an amazing coordination of words. The blue eyes of his, seemed to connect with jet black eyes of Bolt, as they stood watching each other for a while.

The place where Bolt was keeping his foot was kind of slippery. Prof. Diddikins was quick to know what it was. He used a what looked like laser and pointed its bright red beam of light on the slippery substance.

There it was, a semi-transparent thing, which was, well, made up of some liquid. It was as fluent as water in its movements and didn’t look like a thing which scared off someone. It was like a panda, adorable one, but perhaps, a bit transparent one. But it didn’t matter, not a bit.

“Bob!”, shouted Prof. Diddikins. “No more of your mischief will be tolerated! You’re here just because Prof. Dale finds you innocent and all that stuff, but mind you! I’ll give my everything to get ya out of here! NOW, GET OUT OF HERE!”

So, it was Bob. A nice fellow, he seemed. “I bet, that boy seems trouble!”, he said as he giggled his way out of the room. His walk was much adorable than he was!

“That, stupid creature gets some pointless premonitions..I suppose, he is cranky”, Prof. Diddikins said, which many of the students seemed to disapprove.

So, finally all had got onto the belt. Now the ceremony was about to begin.