Bob was known for having false premonitions. His species – Futura assercis were the finest future peekers and he was the last of them. His planet Vertican was supposedly destroyed by the darkest Succerer whose name wasn’t known.  He was called Anon if he was to be referred anywhere.

Also no one had seen him, he was a mystery. Meanwhile, the three, except Bolt saw a friend in him. The first thing on the belt was an elf-like creature which looked like one who needed food badly, for it was so skinny that its bones were visible. And the irony was that, he was followed by a rather plump kid, whose body was “full of green pimples”, at least, that was how Pieter described him.

All the faculty were flashing their teeth as the ceremony began..But the presence of four humans appeared to puzzle some of them, while annoying some others.

The ceiling opened up and there was fireworks triggering the beginning of the ceremony. Purtuna then pressed one of the buttons on her 3rd tentacle to her left and there came a green colored translucent screen to her view. A voice seemed to be coming from it to which she started to respond.

“How may I help you? Ah, this formalities.. Let me come straight to the point. What is that you want?”
“A room”
“Which one?”
“The usual one”
“Are you sure?”
“Hell, YES!!”
“Request acknowledged. The usual room which you’ve asked, will soon be there.”

By the time the voice from the screen ended, Purtuna’s pseudo-legs raised till it was level with Prof. Dale who was sitting above on the stage and said in a cold voice, “I’ll resign as the sorter of Arielle, if you don’t replace that dumb-ass with some better voice assistant.”  Prof. Dale said, “Well, I share your feeling but we don’t have any other replacement as of now, so I suggest, you bear with him this time”

A room which Purtuna seemed to have asked had appeared and in a similar fashion as all other things, from nowhere! A room, which had “Porcious” etched in maroon letters.