Purtuna announced –

“Every being in this universe and the other one, is surrounded by these levellers, deadly yet no one notices them, but not in Porcious where they sprang to life.

Now this just like a duel with death itself but the room which knows no boundary, limits the levellers’ humongous power but still, its no reason to be happy about. They’ll still harm you, though it’ll be small.

Now, each of you’ll enter the room and the outcome of how you’ll be treated by those nasty levellers will decide which house you’ll end up with.

First the elves went in, Jon had expected them to fly out of the door and land somewhere near him. After sometime midst growing anxiety, they came out perfectly alright. “Torturin” shouted Purtuna. The Torturin house members didn’t seem to be happy to have elves among them, not skinny ones for sure. When elves went to take their place in the house they were booed off.

The “green pimpled plump something” was next and to everyone’s amazement he was thrown away till he stopped at the entrance door.

“Newton’s first law of motion” said Anna with a giggle.

Next was she, then Pieter and then Jon all got similar bashing from the levellers nad were sorted into Forgivin along with that green thing. Now was Bolt’s turn.

He was expecting himself half-dead but when he entered the room, he took quite a long time to come back. Prof. Dale was now worried, “Purtuna, what’s happening? Why hasn’t he returned  yet? I must look into this, levellers can’t increase their powers and they dare not harm him, not in my presence!!” but he hadn’t finished when the door opened and Bolt was flying as though he was carried by some hefty men but none were visible, and landed safely to his place and the bang! the door was closed.

Everyone around was shell-shocked. It was the first time ever that a person was greeted with such respect by the levellers.

“They were levellers!” whispered Purtuna. She sorted him to Torturin…and other three remained awestruck!