After Bolt became a Torturin, another 22 beings were sorted, 7 became Forgivin and the remaining, Torturin.

Bolt’s nerves were full of boiling blood, bloody hot! Suddenly, he was not one of the four, at least not in this school. He had parted his way with them into the stands of Torturin. He had had enough, first Bob telling he was a trouble and now this strange treatment meted to him by the “levellers”.

The Torturin house mates were happy to have him and Bolt had decided he’d be happy too. He had unheard the other three who were trying to cheer him up.

On the other hand the other three were sombre, no word being spoken between them. Obviously even they were not happy with the outcome. But in contrast, Prof. Dale was happiest person and announced

“Hello Students!!! Torturin, you are a happy bunch, I could see! Only in 1999 were Arielle having more Torturins than Forgivins. Anyway, I see that all of you are tired by now and this stupendous feast will mark the end of sorting ceremony.”

Purtuna had herself transformed into a cube which Prof. Dale put in his long pocket, but not before saying Prof. Dale something in his ears. But it didn’t matter as the feast was about to begin.