Prof. Dale lead the faculty and two houses towards the dining hall. He said,  “This feast has been arranged by Purtuna as always. She has been doing it since she got placed here as the sorter. That is why it’s called Purtuna Feast. She says she’ll make up for the terrifying experience of being sorted, by hosting a dinner.”

The dining hall which had only one dining table when Jon and others had entered it earlier was now boasting two grand dining tables which had beautiful dragons, a blue one on which, “Forgivin” was etched and the red one with “Torturin” on it.

They seemed to be the symbols of the respective houses. The chairs had the names of students who were supposed to sit on it. Anna noticed the number of human students were steadily increasing. A pair of redheads, one stout and tall while the other one lean and short both Forgivins, caught Anna’s attention. They promised a lot of fun. First they tried to sit on chairs which were not where they were supposed to sit and immediately the chairs retracted, making them fall with a thud, which evoked laughter from every student.

They didn’t feel bad about it. But Prof. Diddikins wasn’t that impressed as he gave them a cold look. All four had this strange feeling that their guardians had easily let them go away without much arguments nor were they worried much when they had been away from them for nearly 2 years when they were travelling in a spaceship to Zedaron.

But they were more interested in feast. All had taken their respective seats and there was a thin paper with a screen attached to it. It was the menu. A rat with a chef’s hat was asking for the order and it had all delicacies of humans, such as bacon with eggs, tuna sandwich, lettuce and tomato salad with French dressing, burgers and pizzas!!! What else did they need? They knew they were heading towards an eventful year!