All had a hearty meal, in fact it was the best in recent days they could remember. After everyone had their meal, the dining tables transformed themselves to a levitating board, Forgivin’s was blue while Torturin’s was red.

The Torturins and Forgivins boarded their respective board. Prof. Dale said, “You’ll now have 7 day off, to buy your things, relax yourselves and to know your housemates..By the way, Anna, Jon, Bolt and Pieter, you four, meet me the next day, I’ve some things for you.

The four were now being stared by every eye that was present in there, possibly puzzled at what prank they might have done, this early in the year, as students only got to meet Prof. Dale in case they had been caught red handed committing some pranks.

The boards, which was referred to as Leviator, took off. Both went in opposite directions. The ride was calm, unlike the ride which Pieter could never forget. The four were still not able to digest the fact that they were on Earth just days before and now they are in this fantastic world.

There worst fear was that they would get up next day only to find what they’d been doing was just dreaming. But this couldn’t be a dream. No. It wasn’t…