The three Forgivins had had a good sleep. The climate was cool and breezy. The beds were fluffy and so was the pillow. The beds were stacked one over other to a maximum three. Anna slept at the top bed while middle one was occupied by Jon and the bottom one by Pieter.

They were missing Bolt, but they couldn’t do anything. Bolt too had got a sound sleep, but he didn’t miss the other three. That day, all four had to meet Prof. Dale who had said he had something for them.

The Forgivins and Torturins arrived at the Great Hall to dine. The four only came to know that the hall where they were sorted and where they had dined was called, The Great Hall, by some of their housemates.

As it turned out to be, no one had made any friends. Bolt seemed to have forgotten the differences that they had had. The dining was the thing all four were looking forward, as they got to eat whatever they wished. All they had to do was select what they wanted on an e-menu and bam! it appeared! As easy as that.

The Leviators by which they had arrived in the Great Hall, turned themselves to the dining table. They ate what they wanted and the leviators left all of them to their respective house and then the four alone were now being taken to Prof. Dale. The red leviator had Bolt while the blue one had the other three.

He wasn’t seen since the sorting ceremony and all four had a list of questions ready to be asked…