The Leviators slowly glided away. It took them to a place, where it was pitch dark and only the lights of leviators visible. The leviators at that point stopped and produced a beep. The beep was produced when they had reached their houses too. So they thought it was where, they had to get down.

At that time, they were too afraid to get down as it was as dark as it could get, and there was hardly any floor visible. But they decided to trust the leviators or to be exact, they were too scared to stay on them when the beep sound became more frequent and frequent and it started sounding as if it would self-destruct.

There was no rigid floor indeed. They landed on some surface which wobbled a lot as they landed. It was like standing on a really huge wriggly jelly. Soon the place where each stood turned into a tunnel and all gave each other a last gasping look before going down, shouting at the top of their voices.

They all landed with a thud and the landing was in no way a safe one. There sat Prof. Dale on a posh chair with his back facing the four who where helping themselves recover after that fall. He then slowly turned his chair and greeted them with his sarcastic tone, “You didn’t get hurt, did you?” The four said they were kinda O.K but they were not.

“Well you won’t get things here for free, though we are in Level 3 and at the zenith of development, there is this damn thing called money…”, said Prof. Dale with a sigh.

“But we have none”, retorted all four. “That’s why you’re here, my boys!”, said Prof. Dale flashing a smile. Anna gave a sharp look to Prof. Dale to which he responded, “Ok, ok, forgot you!”

He further said, “Now that is why you’re all here. We will leave for Dallion Universal Bank, the most secure bank in the whole universe where I suppose I could apply for loans for you guys…”