Prof. Dale was about to say something about travelling in space when Anna interrupted, “Er, you haven’t provided us with OxyTrons” to which he replied, “You seem to be in a hurry Anna! well you don’t need one this time. We will go in Bootspacks” saying so he gently waved his hand at his screen. Four glass cylinders rose from the bottom which had awesome looking pair of boots in them.

“They’re Bootspacks. Just wear them and see what happens”, suggested Prof. Dale as the glass containers opened. Everyone took a pair of boots. Bolt was the first to wear it. As soon as he wore it, a slimy black substance began to arise from the boots and it started climbing all the way to his  head. Bolt was taken aback by it but remained calm.

The black slimy thing formed a suit around Bolt and it now turned rock solid. He was looking like someone from a superhero comic. Soon others wore the boots too and there they were, covered in sleek, jet-black, space suits. Everyone was as happy as punch.

Now that everyone had put them on, the boots lifted the four, a bit. “So”, said Anna, “these boots are fitted with supersonic propellers?” to which Prof. Dale quipped, “You sure are intelligent. That’s what they are…they are still in alpha versions, you gotta control ’em..and I’m yet to unit test this but it should be fine.”

The four gasped and gave a cold look to Prof. Dale. “Don’t worry! You’re safe with my being around ya. Now I’ll take you to unit testing facility where such things are tested. You must be able to control it before we leave for Planet Hannamat, where DUB is located. For now you’ll need some practice before we fly.”

The Jon and Bolt excitedly squealed, “So we get to ride this thing?? That must be a heck a lot of a fun!!”