Prof. Dale led, others followed. No sooner they thought that they had come out of Prof. Dale’s place, they found themselves on a floor which had “Area 22” etched beautifully. The look of the font was a typical metro one, clean and classy.

“This is where we unit test our latest equipment. The testers are off, today. So we will be testing these beauties today! Now. These boots, which are my creations, are quite easy to control. Just put a stress on your legs, a little bit push from your hands make up for a perfect launch. Motion, is simple. You remain calm to stay afloat in a place, slightly tilt on whichever side you wanna turn. To accelerate, kick your feet in the air, the harder the kick, the speeder you accelerate. And to slow down, bring your arms to your shoulder level, the faster you bring, the quicker you stop.”

“That’s really simple right?”, he said with a smile and before the four could say something, he continued, “Right. Then we’ll have some fun flying! First let me try, as I created it! Now you’ll see a sort of, a live demo! You must be lucky enough to fly with me, on these beauties which will one day become a synonym for light-weight self transporter, or better yet, it could become a pioneer in this, yet to be evolved field of transportation.”

He looked at the four in seek of compliments but was disappointed when none came. The four certainly knew one thing, that Prof. Dale loves his inventions and gadgets…