Now was the time to practice. The Area 22 looked like an arena. A big one but was still small to test Bootspacks. The four were in awe on seeing Area 22, a place with many space-y things of which they had no idea of what they were.

They were getting too curious when Prof. Dale interrupted, “Well, here’s where we are gonna have some testing and things. First we will need an environment, where we could really test these things. Environment simulation is important so we could get real-world experience with these beasts of an invention.”

Then he turned about and began speaking with a transparent screen. There was a Voice Assistant here too, the four had already seen something like this when they were being sorted, Purtuna was not at all happy with hers though.

Unit Testing Phase 1
>Entering Phase 1
>Additional Parameters:
Environment Expansion set to Infinite Recursion

Immediately, the already grand-looking Area 22, turned into a Space in a jiffy. But they were still standing, breathing. It was cool. It took them some time before they realized that they could do so, because it was just a simulation, to train them as well as testing Bootspacks.

“What are you waiting for?” said Prof. Dale who was already up in the sky. Others took off too. All four got off with their Bootspacks remarkably well. Anna was the best amongst them all. Nearly 3 hours went by without anyone noticing it. Prof. Dale made the four toil hard to expertise every moves – Take Off, Acceleration, Deceleration, Landing.

“Successful!!” said Prof. Dale at last to the delight of the four, “You’re now ready to take on the space!”