The unit tests were quite successful. The four had 4 hours of flying experience. the four were lead by Prof. Dale’s to his office, as remembering routes wasn’t that easy.

“That was was some serious fun folk! You do need rest. Tomorrow will be way more exciting than you’ve ever felt!” said Prof. He then pointed them to the place where the four had landed earlier.

When they took their places, the place deepened a bit, and paused for a moment for Prof. Dale to bid them good night, before launching them back to the jelly-like surface. The force with which they accelerated was immense. As usual, the four were at the top of their voices. Hearts were thudding fast when they at last, reached a place where they could set their foot on. *Sigh*

The journey made them reminisce their favorite pastime game – Pinball. Somewhere down the line, they were missing all the fun they had back on Earth. But the amount of fun they were currently having, eclipsed those memories.

They now wandered in search of Leviators. In Areille, Leviators were standard mode of transport. They were like skateboards which expands to acommodate people and which floats in air. After a while, shades of red and blue beams of light appeared. There they were. Bolt who wanted to travel with his friends, tried to step on to the Forgivin’s Leviator but he couldn’t.

  Torturin Access Detected
Access Denied

was the message given. Sighing, Bolt got on into the Torturin’s Leviator and off they went to their common houses.

They found themselves fast asleep as soon as they leapt into their beds. It was a hectic day indeed.