One day had gone off. It was terrific day though, with all those flying sessions with Bootspacks, wearing which they were feeling like super heroes. Now, they had to go to Hannamat, a highly secured planet where, Dallion Universal Bank was.

The four had their breakfast, which was always sumptuous, and was becoming the norm. There were far less Human students, but enough Human Profs. Prof. Dale and his colleagues always dined along with the students.

It was amazingly quite. This irked the four, but they could do nothing about it. “People here suck”, mumbled Bolt to himself. A Torturin next to him said, “Cool Story Bro!” He was an Elbador, a species which had great affinity towards light and was around the same age as Bolt.

Apparently, he was trying to make Bolt comfortable by getting to know about some internet culture back at Earth and sharing the same with Bolt. Bolt gave a gig in an attempt to encourage him and asked him what his name was. But there was no reply. He sort of became sombre.

Elbadors always were introvert types. Prof. Dale had, by that time, finished his breakfast and had summoned the four. He took them to the front gate of the fortress. The sky looked magnificent, all dark blue with millions of constellations.

Prof. Dale then took something which resembled a wine case, a small one, fully transparent. He extended it, for the four to look at what it was. It was just a wine case indeed but it had miniature Bootspacks.

Opening the cork of the case, he took the miniature models of Bootspacks and used a screw-driver like device to make it to it’s original size. He sensed the question of what it was and made it clear, “I’ll tell you about it some time later. For now, we’ll have to leave before Death Star arises.” “Death star?” questioned Anna. “Ah! My bad. Have to restrain myself from using those fancy terms. I’ll explain you what it is some time later. But now, wear your Bootspacks on!”

They did accordingly and ventured into space following Prof. Dale.