The four had their Bootspacks on. They were feeling immensely proud. Bolt was a kind of guy who liked being at the center of the attention. He was already bragging about being the first human to fly in space, literally. Now the other three knew why he wanted to take off first.

Just a few minutes after, they had left Zedaron’s atmosphere. They were now feeling the space. Pieter was again at his fumbling best, unable to control his Bootspack probably.

All four couldn’t still believe how easily their guardians had let them off. And how cranked up were they to believe their amazingly stupid reasons? Had they got something to do with this?

Or was this all a dream, shared by the four? Nope. This wasn’t a dream as they knew it couldn’t possibly be.

Prof. Dale ahead and others behind, were gliding through the space. Occasionally, an asteroid or two would come in their way.

Hadn’t Jon helped Pieter at that precise moment, he sure would have got hit by one of ’em. Pieter was sort of namby-pamby person.

“Something’s wrong. Something’s definitely wrong” said Pieter. All could hear what he said as they were audio conferencing, so as to communicate with each others.

Everyone except Prof. Dale disregarded what Pieter had said. Prof. Dale asked everyone to stop, to stop immediately. His voice was stern. He was acting as if he was seeing something which others could not.

Others thought he was trying to fool them but his actions weren’t suggesting the same. They had never seen Prof. Dale as serious and tensed as he was now.

“Jon, move to your right now!” shouted he. Jon did it immediately, though feeling something fleshy that edged past him.

“They’re Wormins. How could they be here? It ain’t a good sign. It definitely ain’t” said Prof. Dale.

He had used another fancy word when he said he wouldn’t. This was serious, very very serious.