Jon said, breathing heavily, “There was something…” “What?” asked Anna. Jon replied that it was kind of some fleshy thing, meanwhile Bolt and Pieter looked puzzled.

Prof. Dale was pumped up for the action, it seemed. “These creepy things take the form of ones they are closer to. They are mostly invisible but can show up at any time, though they don’t usually do that”.

Suddenly, he gave a cold look nowhere. He hinted everyone to drop down a feet. Everyone ducked under.

Apparently he was seeing something which others couldn’t.


Anna on other hand looked puzzled and when quizzed about what bothered her, she pointed at Bolt, er Bolts..

There were now two Bolts, literally. Apparently one of them was the real one and the other, a Wormin in disguise.

There was an amazing resemblance between both of them that it was nearly impossible to find out the real one.

Bolt was himself much confused. Suddenly, the Wormin in disguise disappeared and Prof. Dale confirmed that they had gone.

The four were in no mood to raise questions as they thought they would get some dreaded replies.

“They were last spotted around 2 centuries ago. They come suddenly, take Bolt’s form for a while, do nothing, return back as if they saw nothing. Strange, very very strange”, whispered Prof. Dale.

The journey was never the same as it was before these damn things called Wormins came. Though they moved on.

Prof. Dale said there was nothing to worry about and they were about to reach their destination soon.