Finally they reached the outer space of Hannamat. It was quite beautiful. Of course for other four.

“That’s heck of a planet” said Jon. It was shimmering with gold. “Tell me it isn’t Gold!” said Anna.

“I don’t get the point why you would be wondered much on seeing it. Yes that’s Gold. But that isn’t something you would cherish, is it?” asked Prof. Dale having no clue about how much Gold was valued back on Earth.

“There is a rush for these on Earth. It’s really valuable..can I take some?” asked Bolt.

“Yup. You can…they are of no use. But as of now, we will be checked by Spacetrols” said Prof. Dale.

“Wait. That’s Space + Patrols right? Some kind of security checks if I’m right?” asked Pieter.

“Sorta”, winked Prof. Dale.